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Creating a Transformative Culture


Ecovillage Design Education Course - Schloss Glarisegg Community - Switzerland

Next Dates 

9th January - 15th February 2025

We have heard: 

"Be the change you
want to see in the world!”

And we ask:

"How do we do that?"


Creating a transformative culture is a process of awakening and expanding our consciousness, individually & collectively. 

We position that the planetary and humanitarian crisis is in its very essence a crisis of consciousness.
Therefore we put inner transformation at the core of outer transformation.
We create a culture, where vulnerability in leadership is understood and embraced. Honoring each individual’s unique contribution, we recognize that empowerment is a shared journey, guiding us in the response ability in the healing of the planet.

By recognizing the power in community and interpersonal process work, we intentionally deepen our capacity for authenticity and intimacy, compassion and connection. 

Our innate interdependence calls us to social and ecological justice for all life on earth. We see nature and every element of creation as sacred, with human beings nestled inside the whole.

By embracing the creative tension between known and unknown, where we are and where we would like to be, we create our playground.
Here we celebrate the power of co-creation, where we align ourselves collectively to what wants to emerge.

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Creating a Transformative Culture is a five 5 weeks experiential laboratory, where you can discover your self and your possibilities for being in and creating community. The core curriculum of Gaia Education Design serves as a basic structure around which we experiment with many of the social tools needed for communities to thrive.
We add an additional week "The Growing Together Days" where our alumni are invited back for collaboration with our new "community members", expanding our network. You will find your peers and get the condensed wisdom of world wide pioneers and communities in order to Create a Transformative Culture in the World!


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Creating a Transformative Culture 

is an evolving inquiry which asks:

“What is called for now?” 

It is an invitation to be ready for the unknown,

to be prepared for the changes that lie ahead.

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Ecovillage Design Education Course 

Creating a Transformative Culture    

Schloss Glarisegg - Steckborn, Switzerland

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