Creating a Transformative Culture

Ecovillage Design Education Course - Schloss Glarisegg Community - Switzerland


Winter Dates 

January 14th - February 19th 2022 

Application Open! 

We have heard: 

"Be the change you want to see in the world!”

And we ask:

"How do we do that?"

Creating a Transformative Culture is a new way of being and acting in the world that organically evolves as we enact fundamental changes both in ourselves and in the world around us.

Most of us are aware that we live in a time of cascading ecological, economic, political and social crisis’s that threaten all of life on our planet. Crisis creates opportunity. We know we need to act and we know the time is now.



This EDE is a five weeks Practical 

Community experience where you find your peers and get the condensed wisdom of world wide communities and pioneers in order to Create a Transformative Culture in the World!

What is an EDE?

The Ecovillage Design Education is a comprehensive course in Integrative Whole Systems Design for Sustainability.

It is organised as a mandala that we call the sustainability wheel, encompassing what we perceive to be the four primary dimensions of human experience –
Worldview, Ecological, Social and Economic aspects.

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By fulfilling the course requirements, you will receive:
Certification by Gaia Education as an EDE designer

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The EDE at Glarisseg  is a yearly creation on the base of Gaias Education curriculum. We invite external seminar leaders, game changers, networkers and community builders to join us on the learning path. Workshops are being held with non-formal, embodied, participatory models of education. Course language is English. First step for change! We welcome participants of all ages, nationalities and background.


- Collective processes for community building including Scott Peck

- Sociocracy 3.0 - Group Decision Making

- Possibility Management

- Forum

- Conflict Resolution

- Circle Culture

- Transparent Communication



- Deep Ecology

- The Work that Reconnects 

- Meeting Ecovillage founders

- Global Ecovillage Network 

- Gender Reconciliation

Sweatlodge and Gender Circles

- Singing Culture



- Permaculture Design & Principles
- Agricultural Self Sufficiency
Global Chocolate Production
- Ecological Gastronomy

- Dynamic Agroforestry - Food Forests
- Hands on gardening
- Food Waste



- The Economy of the Common Good
- Leadership and Entrepreneurship
- Comparing Community Economies
- Empowered Fundraising
- Money, You and the Economy
- Sacred Economics



Holistic Design

- Dragon Dreaming
- Embodied Leadership 
- Mentoring on group projects
- Permaculture Principles in Design Functions
- Holistic Healthcare 
- Theory U 



Embodied Practices

- Contact Improvisation
- Authentic movement & Authentic voicing
- Playfight
- Life Dance
- Holistic Dance Practices
- Meditation
- Yoga 
- Breathwork

bring your project

get help making your dreams come true,
bring your dream projects!

Small Design Teams will organize around projects of their choice. Not all project ideas will be selected. The course is anchored by applying the elements learned in each of the four dimensions to these real life dreams.

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Krissy Goecks,


“EDE taught me that there are many options on how to live life. Mindfulness, community and giving back to others were wonderful lessons I learned in my month at Glarisegg.”


Iker Col,


“At the EDE I discovered that there is a network much bigger than I was thinking. I learned the tools to join our forces, to live more in harmony and to be more human. The EDE was like a meeting of tribes that have to join to heal the planet.”


Tayla Antunes,


¨I ended up learning much more about myself, my limits... But also about my strengths. And the best part: learning and sharing with so many like minded people, overcoming our differences, working on the conflicts (internal as well). Working throughout the whole month with  a sociocratical organisation  was one of the best highlights.“


Konstantinos Sbonias,


"The EDE in Glarisegg was such a vibrant learning journey that fueled me with loads of empowerment and inspiration. Feeling blessed for having experienced 5 unique weeks of intensive learning with other like-minded people and a group of amazing facilitators."


Creating a Transformative Culture is an evolving inquiry which asks:

“What is called for now?” 

It is an invitation to be ready for the unknown,

to be prepared for the changes that lie ahead.


the team 

We have separately gathered a lifetime of experience in fields of holding space, psychotherapy, music, breath work, Environmental Science, Anthropology, Social Ecology, community building and founding, Vipassana Meditations, deep journeys and have selected a committed team of assistants from the EDE Alumni which add cutting edge tools to the EDE package. Together we co-host the EDE, whole heartedly as we share a vision of global transformation.

We are ready to openly and passionately share this learning journey with you.


Sonja-Vera Schmitt

Glarisegg, Creator & Trainer

Sonja-Vera is one of the founders of Schloss Glarisegg Community and has nurtured its growth for the past 17 years. Most recently she has added Regenerative Entrepreneur to her long list of vocations. Keeping the community running despite many economic challenges has required her creativity and ability to be a village weaver in a much larger empowerment game. While her training as a voice and speech therapist, her love of music and dance and her commitment to encounter processes were easily applied in the community social life, she had to face the details of long -term planning and construction finance involving larger sums of money.

She remains vitally engaged through Vipassana meditation and a genuine love of helping people. She first brought the EDE to Schloss Glarisegg in 2016 and remains a passionate organizer and trainer.

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Jashana Kippert

Hawaii, Creator & Trainer

Jashana has lived a wild and adventuresome life under the heading of “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” Jashana has always an intense desire to figure out how humans could live in harmony with the natural world. To this end she got degrees in Anthropology and Environmental Science which lead to a Masters in Social Ecology. Having identified Indigenous Wisdom as a base she could not help but to try and stop the war in Guatemala that killed 200,000 native people in the 80’s. Having failed that mission she began exploring intentional communities, eventually moving to the Findhorn Community in Northern Scotland and then traveling for them teaching workshops throughout South America for 2 years.  Returning to the US, she immersed herself in the ‘Spiritual Supermarket’ studying every offer from Holotropic Breathwork with Stan Grof, Meditation, Yoga, Skydancing Tantra, 5 Rhythms, Deep Ecology, Contact Dance and sitting with Adyashanti. Preparing for the world to collapse she helped found a reforestation community in Hawaii.

the Assistants

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Jasmin Shepazard
Jasmin Shepazard

Participating in the EDE 2020 meant for me to commit to living a life according to my values of community, sustainability, connection andauthenticity. What I have experienced in the time in Glarisegg, made me a more courageous and vulnerable person. I dare to show up, I dare to stand up and I dare to live up to my dreams more. It’s the magic of authentic community that enables us to truly be ourselves. An experience that inevitably will lead you to living a more meaningful life.

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After lots of movement around the world, and finishing a master in Cultural Sociology, I decided to dedicate my life to research, in a practical way, how we can live as humans truly connected to each other and to the land we live on. In the social realm this means for me learning tools to process deeply, communicate authentically and decide together effectively.

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"Taking part of the 2019's EDE opened to me so much doors within myself and widen my field of possibilities, I now feel honored and joyful to serve others taking part of this magical journey. I'm fascinated by community dynamics, collective intelligence and everything that contributes to the growing and spreading of this truly transformative culture. I believe that the ability to dream and work together is the answer to a lot of the challenges humanity is facing today."

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Ever since my childhood, I feel the pain of an open heart growing up on a planet taken hostage by a destructive civilization. My attempts to face reality have brought me from activism to journalism, from weltschmerz literature to nomadic lightness, from permaculture to communities, from body work to hand analysis, from a broken to a loving heart, from deserts to jungles – always longing for regenerating our way of interacting with life.

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Creating and holding space for growth, transformation, and exploration seems to be the most valuable contribution I can make in this world. Passionate about alternative education, interpersonal communication, and holistic health, I practice and teach yoga, sing, cook, organize and teach. I continue being amazed by the abundance and magic that is collectively created and experienced when there is space. Space for connection, honesty, and curiosity. When each individual is invited to share what is

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Passionate by the marriage of ancient wisdom and modern research for the awakening of human consciousness and its potential to shift our current world situation, I'm a spanish filmmaker who, since 2018, dreams to manifest a filmmaking project that could bring light about the indivisible bound between the individual, collective and environmental healing, I deeply believe, our world needs.

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the Trainers 


Course fee

Thrive Path

3,600 Euros 

With your investment we fully cover the infrastructure, support those who cannot afford the middle path and generate an income for supporting the programme.

Middle Path

2,800 Euros 

This amount covers all costs and allows only trainers to receive a basic income for their work.

Basic Path

1,950 Euros 

This is the basic investment that helps us start the program. 

Please attune to your capacity to co-create this EDE course. The guidelines  below  give you an idea of how we function and you can choose any number in between.

The fee includes mainly organic vegetarian/vegan meals, accomodation (on one of the most beautiful places of Lake Constance) and the full intensive program of 5 weeks. The tuition to the “Collaborative Laboratory of the New Paradigm” which is in the last days is also included.


Be a sponsor


Scholarships are available for EU and

non-EU citizens which cannot afford the Middle Path. Share your dreams, life aspirations and motivation with us and apply for this opportunity. Please send an email with your photo to:

Why not consider offering a scholarship? Sponsor a place in this event and offer the opportunity to someone, who otherwise would be unable to participate.

We would love you to be aware of the opportunity to be part of this course. If you need to sign out please let us know as soon as possible, because others might be waiting.

We offer direct experience in a supportive learning environment to practice collective skills in working groups of varying sizes. Are you ready for a adventurous experience?

By clicking Apply you will be redirected to our application form and the application process will begin. 



Our host is the Seminar Center of Schloss Glarisegg Community in Switzerland,  with its beautifully spacious and comfortable seminar rooms and guest rooms.

The community lies on the Swiss side of Lake Constance, nestled between the forest and beach. The castle community is a home a place for encounter, awareness , consciousness and being and holds 33 adults and 20 children. The community also hosts a seminar center, a school for children, a forest kindergarden, a permaculture and agroforestry, and is home to artists , musicians and therapists.

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Creating a Transformative Culture    

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